Our essence

S.TONE was created to represent all entities providing services to the natural stone sector. It is an independent structure that aims to ensure the competitiveness and excellence of the services provided, as well as to improve stability and growth. S.TONE promotes access to technical resources such as tests, trials, certifications and know-how, that can be used by its members to attain international recognition as well as to increase market penetration.

We close the gap between those who need the resources and those who provide them.

Our goal is to guarantee that the services offered by our network are in accordance with international certification requirements, generating value for both parties.


Companies and individuals working with natural stone that want to be informed about the natural stone market and that may require laboratory tests, technical reports, certifications, etc.


Increased exporting potential, due to high credibility services that are internationally recognized. Stronger product development, through services suitable for the various phases of concept, test, validation and integration, obtaining products with added value to customers.


Entities that provide services for the natural stone sector which together offer a full range of internationally recognized trials.


Increase in business volume, through a single brand that promotes the services of each entity. Major international recognition.

Our Services

Physical Resistance Durability

Consulting Project Training RTD Projects Product Design and Engineering Development in BIM (Building Information Modeling) Geological Mapping Life Cycle Assessment studies

StonePT CE marking and Product Certification Audits

Our partners

A S.TONE tem já uma rede de parcerias estabelecida e operacional com laboratórios nacionais que garantem a máxima qualidade nos seus serviços. Todo o processo de ensaios e certificação entre entidades e clientes processa-se sem a intervenção da S.TONE, comunicando os parceiros diretamente com os clientes de forma a agilizar o processo. At the end All tests, certifications, accreditations, technical opinions, and others are issued with the S.TONE stamp.

Our Laboratories

Portuguese company specialized in natural stone. Our goal: to design, develop and implement products and manufacturing technologies for the natural stone & related materials industrial sector.

CTCV is an Entity of the Scientific and Technological System, certified by CERTIF according to NP EN ISO 9001 and with laboratories accredited by IPAC according to the norm NP EN ISO / IEC 17025, for the performance of analysis and testing.

Itecons is a non-profit association that acts as a dynamic interface of knowledge between scientific community and industry, providing applied research, testing, consultancy and training services in the fields of construction, energy, environment and sustainability.

Established in 2009, HERCULES Lab is a research infrastructure from University of Évora, devoted to the study and valorization of cultural heritage, focusing on the integration of physical and material sciences methodologies and tools using interdisciplinary approaches.




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